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13 years ago

graphing load vs. TPS

While is it is helpful to view the average time, this really is usual when you consider the load/thread on the system. Would it be possible to overlay the number of threads running during a test in the stats component ?

Please note that the number of threads, in my opinion, should be reflective of the total number of threads running in the load test. So if there are multiple runners runners, then the the thread count axis should the summation of all threads across the various runners.

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    There's already a counter for displaying the current number of running requests for a Runner. This corresponds to the number of currently executing request threads for that particular runner. We could expand on this to show the total number of requests running in the entire TestCase/Project. I'm not sure why you would want to see the actual number of threads running, as many non-Runner components also use threads internally for their implementation, so this number wouldn't correspond to any parameter or metric of the load test. Also, a change in the implementation of a component used may change the number of threads it uses, without altering its behavior. Please let me know if the nummer of concurrent requests (the Running counter) is sufficient, or if there's something you need which it does not provide (given we add the aggregate for the total among all Runners).

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