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3 years ago

Getting 308 Permanent Redirect code on ReadyApi for url and end points that works great on Postman

I am getting 308 Permanent Redirect code for an end point that I am trying to test on Ready-API. When I try the same end point on Postman I receive 200 status code. I'm using Ready-API HTTP Request for the same.

  1. Also both Postman and Ready-API has same authorization setup - BASIC
  2. I see that "Follow Redirects = true" both in Postman as well as in Ready-API, the answer didn't help me:
  3. Most of the parameters are verified and are same as in Postman.
  4. May be I'm suspecting "Content-Type: application/xml" which in Postman has a different value "Content-Type: application/vnd.realtime247.sct-v2+xml" 

Please help me.

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