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15 years ago

for amf requests, secure token not available despite maintaining http session

I am putting together a test suite for a Flex application.

All users of this flex application are handed a secure token from some servlet at the time that they login. This token is added to a user's Flex session, and needed for all subsequent requests.

In my test case, I request and capture a token from the servlet with a groovy script, and then with an amf request step, i make a login call to my amf endpoint using that token.

This is successul, but when i send another amf request, I get hit with "Unauthorized request.  Please login first" even though I have logged in with the secure token, and my test case is maintaining http session.

How can I maintain the session with the token, i order to be able to send more amf requests?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    hm.. this should definitely be possible.. Please download the latest nightly build (fresh out of the oven at and in your TestCases' Options dialog select the AMF tab and enable the AMF Session handling.. does that help?

    If it doesn't, can you please post the HTTP log containing all the requests in your testcase, including the one that fails?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Thanks for the reply.

    I downloaded and am using the latest nightly build. Still no luck though.

    How about I send the http logs via e-mail?

    Thanks again!