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2 years ago

Fixed User licenses cannot be used on virtual machines or with docker containers

I am using a fixed license for a ReadyApi installation on a VM, without any problem so far.

I came across on recent changes on Ready Api documentation here,

where it says that "Fixed User licenses cannot be used on virtual machines or with docker containers."


Will this technically prevent me working with a fixed license on a VM from now on?

What problem may I come across by using a fixed license on a VM?

And how this is interpreted since the majority of IT , nowadays, works with virtual machines and docker containers anymore?


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  • We are potentially facing the same dilemma.
    We are currently using a fixed license on our VM which runs our daily CI/CD tests without any issues.
    I am in the process of evaluating an upgrade to a current release, but do not want to jeopardize losing the benefit of those tests running daily if we must / be required to have a floating license for a VM.

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      If you are moving to the ID based license, this link explains how to use the accessKey in the testrunner script executed on the VM. 

      We are going to give this a shot later today and will let you know if that is a viable option.

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        Hi, sdeevers 


        Would you mind to share the results of using ID based license on VM?