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2 years ago

Fetch/Retrieve OTP received to Mobile Using Ready API

Hi Everyone,


I'm testing an application where an OTP will be sent to Mobile number using Twilio APIS. I would like to know how we could get the SMS/OTP sent to mobile using TWILIO APIs. I'm planning to use Ready API to place request to below twilio apis.


Your guidance will help me overcome this blocker.





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    1. SMS Retriever API

    With this API, SMS content will be automatically read by our app. Here is the overview 

    We need to set up both android and server-side for this.

    Setup android-side

    At first, when a user tries to log in our system, we want to pick up the user phone number from mobile and send it to the server so that server can send an OTP SMS to that mobile number. We can manually input phone number in the EditText or show a picker by Google Auth API to fetch the phone number from associated google account.