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2 months ago

Fetch Access token using OAutho0.2 - Implicit Grant


I have scenario to test ready api but that works when AccessToken is entered.

So till now i have managed by entering the access token in below UI by fetching it from Access Token from UI

I tried Implicit Grant but here when i click on get Access Token an UI will appear . I have written automation code in  Autho Mangr-> automation code to click on Autho Selector type . But i can see it does not work at all. 

Here, i want to know how can i get the access token using implicit grant or is there anyother way where i can launch chrome browser and select ADFS-> Click login and ->Copy the Access token and save it into and variable and pass it into above Access Token textbox.

Note - I decided to go with Implicit Grant because client is not okay to share client-ID


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