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14 years ago

Feature for updating WADL


It will be good if soapUI has a feature to update the existing project with latest WADL.

currently, if we do any changes in wadl, we need to create new project to get all resources.

I am not sure whether soapuI has already the feature or not, but I didn't find that option.


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    There is currently no feature to update a WADL. See WADL File Update Problem

    I too am having this problem. I have found that you can create another project with the new WADL and copy each test to the new project. But you have to select the WADL call each time you make a copy, becoming tedious. If your WADL calls are complex, as there is no sort, it can be difficult to locate the call you need. Maybe someone knows of an easier way to do this?

    Another request for the update WADL feature, please.
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    I am able to cast another vote for this feature. To lack this functionality is crippling to our process/SDLC. Thanks for any updates.
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    +1 for this feature

    We are planning to build a quite extensive test repository which is completely based on WADL to create the services. We release 2 versions every year (and 2 additional minor releases) of our app in which a lot of WADL files are bound to change. We need a easy and fast way to update the content of these WADL files into our Soap UI (pro) project, preferably in a 'bulk' manner. Having this feature seems rather critical to the success of this test harness that we are trying to build.

    I would be more than willing to go deeper into the requirements & use cases we will be performing.
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    Hi everyone,

    thanks for this, I've bumped this up in our prioritizations, but am not sure it will make it into the next release. As far as I see it soapUI would need to:

    1) import the new WADL and its referenced xsds
    2) Sync all existing resources/methods/parameters with the WADL
    -> how handle differences?
    3) Add new resources/methods/parameters in the WADL to the service definition
    4) Update any xml content in post/put messages in line with the updated schemas
    5) ??

    What is the least you would require from this for it to be useful?

    thanks for any input!


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    Thank you for including this feature into the product! Please find my view on your proposed items below.

    [1] This is a must have, obviously

    [2] This is not really something we need to have, as we only put 1 service definition into a WADL (1 resource, 1 method and no parameters). Any change would thus result in a completely different service, making a sync redundant. However, I can imagine that most people do need this feature. I would go about syncing changes as follows:

    • New Resource: simply add it

    • Updated Resource: update base, update path when needed

    • Deleted Resource: not sure, maybe its a good idea to have a check-box on the import wizard 'Delete removed resources'. Checking it would actually remove deleted resources, not having it checked could only mark a service/resource as disabled in the UI

    • Changes of methods would be treated similar to changes of resources

    • New Parameter: add it when required, do nothing when not required

    • Updated Parameter: sync changes

    • Deleted Parameter: remove the parameter

    [3] See previous point please

    [4] Not sure that this is something which can be automated in a way that it would work without manual intervention. This is not a hard requirement for us. Maybe the contents can be re-evaluated based on the schema (if any) and some marked can be placed on the UI to indicate the validation issue?

    [5] It would be great to have a batch feature where I can update a whole load of WADLs into the SOAPUI project. By selecting a source directory, all WADL files contained in that folder would be synchronized into the project. We could however devise some batch script if we have command line access to the single WADL synchronize feature.

    Many thanks!