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9 years ago

Failed to receive trial license from within Ready! API 1.6.0 product

Hi There,


I just downloaded Ready! API 1.6.0, and tried to obtain a trila license by clicking 'Activate Trial' feature from within the product. But I received error 'The Trial License Couldn't Be Downloaded Due To An Internal Error On Server ... '. Please advise what I can do to obtain a trial.



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    May be some network glitch. You may try again and see.
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      Hi Tanya,


      I actually tried to send the email a few times, but failed with an error. I did log in here, and am not sure where else I need to log in again.


      "Authorization Required: You must first log in or register before accessing this page. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it.".





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        Hi Manuelng,


        The page I sent you doesn’t require any password. Here it is:


        On the page, select the Ready! API product and fill in the Contact Support form by specifying more information about the issue you faced.