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7 years ago

Enhancement to UI to alter Navigator to show testcases with unsaved changes

One feature that would be very useful would be to alter the "look" of a testcase/testsuite in the Navigator showing there are unsaved changes on a testcase/testsuite.


Presently there does not appear to be any discernible difference shown to let you know there are unsaved changes in a testcase or testsuite. Unfortunately I have fallen foul of this issue where my machine has lost power prior to me saving and I didn't appreciate how many unsaved changes I had in flight..... and by default the autosave feature isn't enabled.


Thank you in advance.


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    Have seen similar posts saying the same in the past.

    It is tough to lose the work. Re-doing is painful.

    Like you pointed already, auto save preference should be used. We never know, when the systems run us crazy as you experienced, would save a lot, avoid such situations.

    Some member use configuration management / repository such as Git / Svn / CVS / Perforce etc which will help to track the changes over a period of time.

    Coming to the point that you made in this topic, show the difference so that user can identify the unsaved test cases / steps etc is just similar to many IDE's, they show * or something denoting that file is not saved. But, I doubt if that is applicable to this case as user is allowed to save the project only. Not much idea into composite project ( looks like it has many files to save), are you talking about it specially?
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      Thanks for the detailed response Rao,


      Naturally, to an extent, the feature is more applicable in the composite project perspective than non composite and strictly speaking such a behaviour enhancement (showing an icon or similar for unsaved changes) should behave slightly different for the composite project vs. non composite. For composite you could differentiate on a testcase (underlying file) by testcase basis. For a non composite project the icon would be at the highest level (single file). 


      I've been in situations where work has been lost for varying reasons, there are many situations it can occur:

      * Desktop powered off unexpectedly

      * Desktop bluescreens

      * Process terminates unexpectedly

      * Laptop battery runs out and powers off

      * Exit without saving when you don't realise you had outstanding changes (user error that "shouldn't" happen)


      I'm also working with SmartBear on a suspected save defect I believe I've identified.


      Enabling autosave by default on product install and inclusion of an icon indicating unsaved changes would certainly be of value to the product and the users.