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5 years ago

Deleting or moving a file after successful submission (SOAP Project)

Good day, 


I'm currently working on a simple test case that currently consists of the following steps:


1. Data Source: Folder (containing .xml files)

2. SOAP Request 

3. Data Source Loop (to iterate through and send each file found in the data source folder)

4. Assertions.


I would like to have a step that deletes OR moves the relative .xml request file from the data source folder after a response is received for it, would this be at all possible?



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      Thanks nmrao but I'm not having much luck with my specific scenario and finding what I need, Groovy examples seem very sparce and documentation extremly poor, and I'm having to figure this out myself. I you happen to have an example that would be much appreciated.

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        Okay I have figured out a solution that will delete all files after test execution (ideally I would like them to be deleted as they receive a response but I have not found antything that would allow this) also I would love if this was a test step in the GUI of Soap UI, like 'Delete File(s)':


        File xmlFolder = new File("C:/test/XML Files")
        xmlFolder.eachFileMatch(~/.*.xml/) {
            file - >
      "${} will now be deleted")