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7 years ago

Decrypting data to be used in Soap request

Hi All, 

I am new to Ready API and trying to do following .

I have a auto test suit set up in Ready API which reads input data from data sheet where data is been encrypted . so what I need to do is to use groovy script or any other process  that will decrypt the data before the XML request is run and keep the data not visible in raw request .

Can anyone help me with the process or script in full.


  • So you have a piece of code that encrypts the data. You will have to use a groovy script to utilize the appropriate decryption technique to decrypt the data. We cannot help with that, since we do not know the encryption algorithm used. You may have to get the decryption algorithm from whoever set up the encryption code.


    Once you have that, what I would do is to set up a test case similar to this:

    1. Excel Data Source: This will be used to read in and loop through the encrypted data in the spreadsheet.
    2. Groovy Data Source: This will be used to decrypt the data.
    3. Test Request This is the request that will reference the decrypted data
    4. DataSource Loop: This will use the ExcelDataSource as the Data Source provider, and the target test step would be the Groovy Data Source.


    Hope that helps!


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    It is difficult without knowing how it is encrypted.
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      hi ,


      Java script been used for encrypting.. and then copied to the spreadsheet manually .. 


      public class Encrypter

      public static void main(String[] args)

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        Hi all, 

        Can anyone Please assist with the issue...