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7 years ago

Deactivating/Updating licenses for employees who are no longer with company

I have a question I need help with. One of my colleagues has left the company. I have two machines where he has installed SoapUI Pro and authorized with his Active Directory username. What is the best way to :


  1. De-activate license. On one machine, we need to do this, so it can be used for someone else.
  2. Update the username information to something else for soapui pro. On another machine which runs CI, we need to do this.

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    Moginmo, Looks like you have seat licenses. Please reach out to support. They will deactivate the licenses for you.


    Since user is not active and you are logging in as a different user than the licensed user, you will not be able to deactivate the license.


    For CI/CD purpose we went with a floating license model to avoid user complications. If CI/CD is done using a service account then you can register SoapUI license to that user.