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[Day 3/5] APIvsUI - Which skills does a tester need to do API testing?

Hi API Team,


Your contribution has been great so far! I’m sure you’ve even learned something new about API Testing :)

At the moment, you have more points. Let’s see if the situation changes today. However, the UI Team contributes a lot! It’s high time you started doing the bonus tasks to stay on top (find them below) ;)

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Day 3 Task:

Which skills does a tester need to do API testing?


Here is what you can cover in your reply:

Which technical skills are required?

Which skills help a person grow in the API Testing carrier?

Is attending API Testing courses required? Which ones can you recommend?


Leave your replies here.


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    You can get to know the tools for API automation very easily. The main things we should know is the language we are using for the project. The languages such as Java, Python, Groovy which are the basic language every testers must know. Deep knowledge is not required at all. Basic will also do. And gradually, you keeps on learning the languages, the more you explore, more you become knowledgable.


    So, For any API automation, Either you can choose Smartbear product or else you have open-source product also such as Rest-Assured, Unirest, etc. But with Smartbear product you get support also if you face any problem. I have been using ReadyAPI from last 2.5 years. So, I'd suggest to go for Ready API.


    The market is really growing and every year new tools are coming on the way. So, you must have great understanding on market value also for the tool. If you see, outside you will get to know, How Ready API/Soap UI knowledge is required for any interviews. At least for manual purpose many companies uses SOAP UI only. 


    Testing courses are really required to sharpen you skills and to work for corporate world. Smartbear has its own API automation courses available on its website. Some of them are free like documentation on Ready API/SOAP UI. And some of them are priced. But its really worth to get through that testing courses to make yourself more valued according to market standards. Else, you can take help from API experts also. They can guide you properly if you are really new to API testing.

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    Which technical skills are required?

    The technical skills required for APi testing are

    -understanding to the concepts of what are APIs and the purpose they are serving.

    -Kinds of status code they should return in different cases.

    - what kind of media-type and content type it supports .

    -The protocol on which they are running.

    Which skills help a person grow in the API Testing carrier?

    - To properly assess whether the output as given by the API is correct, a tester would need to know at least something about the internal workings of the API (i.e., perform white-box testing rather than traditional black-box testing)

    Is attending API Testing courses required? Which ones can you recommend?

    There are no such API testing trainings or courses required.

    There are lot many tools available in the market wich can be used for API testing such as SOAPUI, POSTMAN,RESTCLIENT etc.

    Practicing and observing different services behaviour let you understand the scenarios or deep knowledge for the same.