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4 years ago

DataBase inserts while overriding region with -e commandline argument


We have full fledge ready api tests in our projects where in we have regions defined(Dev1, Dev2..) and for every step we inserts data using jdbc insert /update steps , run api and delete data . 


So my question is when we run scripts from command line using -e statement where in it will override endpoints to be called , how will ready api determine region of data to be inserted . 


example below

C:\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-3.3.2\bin\testrunner.bat -sService -r -a -j -fC:\Path\MyService "-RTestSuite Report"  -e <path>


In above example api calls are working fine as its going to region but my database inserts are failing as region is not specified . In this example how can i say that use url as "-e" but do inserts in "Dev" environment


please help i am completely stuck here

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    How sre the database details specified in the connection? Using environment?
    A screen shot would help.