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8 months ago

Data Sink always updates the 1st row in excel sheet

Hi Team,   With the latest version of ReadyAPI (4.39.0), the Data Sink will always write to the first row of the excel sheet when the row is selected by dynamically assigning the cell value for "St...
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    8 months ago

    Hey Bibu_Philip 


    From your description, and assuming you haven't done anything to break things - it doesnt sound like you're doing anything wrong - more as though ReadyAPI is ignoring a perfectly valid parm where it shouldn't.


    you say "in the latest version" as though this differs from the behaviour your saw in the previous version you had installed.  Did you upgrade and THEN notice the your startAtCell parm being ignored? 


    As you don't appear to be doing anything wrong, i doubt there's a 'fix' and the workaround I can think of  isn't necessarily helpful is try a different datasource ( I typically steer clear of .xls/.xlsx and use .csv's cos there's less likely to be problems, but if you've got everything already setup to work via Excel, this isn't going to be quick).


    HOWEVER - I keep coming back to the thought you shouldn't have to make large changes to support what sounds like a regression in ReadyAPI.  If this worked before then you shouldnt have to change.


    Can you not rollback to the previous version for now?  I know it's always tempting to pickup the latest version as soon as it's available, but I always stay at least a couple of releases behind the latest available version until it's been proven to be stable with no problematic regressions breaking previously working tests (unless the latest version includes code fixes that you need that is).


    I'd also raise a tech support ticket so SmartBear are aware of the issue - they won't necessarily be aware if this is a new regression.


    Thats all I got Im afraid - perhaps someone else has better ideas?