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3 years ago

Conditional GoTo Test Step

Sorry I am new to readyapi, I am trying to add GoTo step to my test case, but the api I am trying to test is restapi, when I try to add GoTo step to my test case, it shows that I need to add xpath ex...
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    3 years ago
    Hey kadir,

    You mention youre testing a REST API like its a problem for the Conditional Goto step. Can you clarify your point?

    Currently you cant use Conditional Goto with json, it still only recognises xpath ( although sooner or later Smartbear will need to fix this!), so groovy is your only option at the moment.

    If you describe your use case and provide relevant json instances (or jsonpath) im sure one of the scripters on the forum would be able to help with the groovy. What you want is probably only 3 or 4 lines of groovy (thats a guess, but conditional goto step doesnt support very complex stuff if i remember correctly)