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3 years ago

Comparing Json node values against each other

 Hi Team,   I have query regarding the json values comparison.   I have request say Request-1 and gives response as Response-1. Gives 10 node values One more request say Request-2 and gives resp...
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    3 years ago

    Hi ChrisAdams,


    I used part of you logic and got the solution. 

    1. Converted both json responses to string and created objects of it (Using jsonSlurper()) with parsing


    //Stored response

    def response1 = context.expand( '${TestCaseName#Response}' )
    def response2 = context.expand( '${TestCaseName#Response}' )

    def jsonSlurper = new JsonSlurper();


    //Parsing the response received
    def resp1_obj = jsonSlurper.parseText( response1.toString());
    def resp2_obj = jsonSlurper.parseText( response2.toString());


    2. Accessed json file content with Key




    3. Parameterized the key indexing ('i' value parameterized)

    4. Compared the node values one after teh other using for loop.

    for(int i=0;i<5;i++)


          if(resp1_obj.key_value[i] == resp2_obj.key_value[i])






    Thanks once again for the solution and response. 


    Thanks & Regards,

    Vivek Kulkarni