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6 years ago

CI/CD ReadyAPI! Pipeline Execution in Azure Cloud Query?

Hey!   Ok - there's a huge CI/CD environment here using VSTS/Git/Jenkins and I'm trying to introduce ReadyAPI! as the way forward.   I need to investigate running a ReadyAPI! project remotely...
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    6 years ago

    Command line execution is always better over UI.

    testrunner utilities are already available with both Pro and Open Source to execute the tests unattended. All it requires is to pass the required parameters such as soapui project, any parameters to override values at run time, and of course reporting options.

    If the above (passing command line arguments) is little cumbersome, then you write a wrapper utility or use build tools such as Apache-Ant or Maven or Gradle(haven't heard though any one asking questions around it).

    Personally, use apache-ant tool.  Create build script with different targets for different projects / suites which internally calls the testrunner utility with arguments. And executing the tests and generating reports would be at the tip of calling the target.

    For example there are targets defined, say, IntegrationTests, RestTests, and Reports.

    You may run just below command to run Integration tests defined a project and then run reports.

    ant IntegrationTests Reports

    The benefit is the same above command can be run from Jenkins as well.

    Of course, even tests can be executed using testrunner utility from Jenkins.


    You may find sample build script @ github



    Also, created a docker image (of open source) which has configured along with Apache-ant tool and there is sample video available demonstrating different execution types.