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2 years ago

Cannot run load test on multiple scenarios properly


I try to run a fixed rate performance test on 2 scenarios. The scenarios run at different rates, we want to achieve 2 tps with one and 6 tps with the other, but it seems that the second scenario doesn't even run and we don't get real data on our graph for the first one either.


Scenario 1:

In this image, the TPS is set to 2, and it is clear that no appropriate data is displayed on the graph or in the table:


Scenario 2:

And here the TPS is set to 6, it seems that the test cases were not run even once:


Scenario 2 ran alone:

This picture shows that if I run the load test with only 1 scenario, the table and the graph also provide the expected data (TPS set to 6/s):


Does anyone know what the problem could be? A warm-up time is set and the test is run for several minutes.

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