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8 months ago

Can we integrate ReadyAPI with Swagger UI and import the APIs to ReadyAPI ?

I am using ReadyAPI Desktop 3.47.0 . I have some APIs documented in Swagger UI. I would like to add some tests for those APIs which are available in Swagger UI. Is there a way to import the APIs from...
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    8 months ago

    Swagger UI only allows to try / execute, can't have proper test(s) / assertions.

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    8 months ago


    Swagger UI is a viewer for the API definitions utilizing OpenAPI standard. OpenAPI specification was formerly known as Swagger, that's where a lot of confusion comes from.


    And yes, if you have an access to Swagger UI, you can get an underlying OpenAPI definition and import it into ReadyAPI.


    An example, with the BankGround API.


    If you visit you will be able to see the API presented in Swagger UI (a brief description in the introduction, API operations are bellow).


    In the top left corner, there is a link to the OpenAPI definition:

    Either copy this link or click it and download the JSON file -- this is OpenAPI definition. Import the OpenAPI definition into ReadyAPI.


    That's all!