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3 years ago

Azure DB connection string template for JDBC connection


We switched to Azure and ReadyAPI Database connection string is changed(for JCDB steps). Doesn't need user and password. There are additional properties, We should able to connect to Azure DB without user. However, when I use "" as force me fill out user.


Driver is MSSQL(MicrosoftDriver)/

Connection string structure with properties :   jdbc:sqlserver://<HOSTname>;database=<DBName>;encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=false;hostNameInCertificate=*;loginTimeout=30;Authentication=ActiveDirectoryIntegrated


As you see there is no User in String.


Do I need to add new Driver template or Should I create User ? Also Do I need to change proxy?

Which Driver is relevant for Azure and Where can I download.

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    Hey ffthmrc,

    I wouldve suggested that youre getting prompted for a user cos thats one of the parameters specified in the connection string associated with the "" driver youre specifying but youre saying your connection string associated with that driver doesnt include a user i dont understand whats going on there....screenshots of your jdbc settings might help.....???

    However. You need to identify the correct driver you need and ensure the connection string set is correct. Speak to the DBA's involved on your project to confirm the version of Azure SQL DB youre connecting to.
    Then google for the correct driver and download. Forum users wont be able to tell you what driver to need to find out the version of Azure SQL DB youre trying to connect to and then pickup the correct driver via google.
    Then create a new jdbc connection in your settings specifying the correct connection string.

    That should sort. Are you sure you need a JDBC connection? You can query Azure SQL DB via REST.