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7 years ago

Automated Regression / Health-checks?

I'm currently looking for a solution (or two) for some requirements I am facing for automated testing. The first requirement is automated regression testing where, when a developer pushes a code change, Jenkins would automatically run a ReadyAPI project and decipher the results. That part I understand the basics of and have seen a lot of posts here on the forums of how to set it up and caveats to be aware of. That much I understand I think I have a way forward with that.


The other problem that I am trying to figure out how to ensure an environment that houses a number of webservices is up and functional on an automated schedule. Preferably with some sort of alert mechanism.  I know this is the ReadyAPI forum, but I was wondering what anyone else uses to accomplish this second part. I have an environment that is available for external testing that needs to be relatively stable and available. 


Is there a part of ReadyAPI or the Smart Bear catalog that could be used for automating ReadyAPI tests and sending out reports based on pass/fails? Would jenkins still be a viable solution for this? Is there something that I am missing or other concerns I may need to address? Any and all information around this would be much appreciated!

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