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3 years ago

Automate updating API definitions

Our API definitions are constantly being updated.  I would like testing to always be using the latest and most updated definitions.


If I'm relying on testers to manually follow the update process outlined here

then we risk testing either using outdated definitions or different definitions, depending on when each tester updated them.


My thought is having a Jenkins job run daily (or better yet when dev updates the definitions) that would:

1. Run a script in ReadyAPI to update the API Definitions

2. If there are updates, commit the changes to gerrit.

3. Send a status message to Slack


It seems fairly straightforward, but I don't know what I don't know.  Has anyone tried something like this before?  Is it possible to run a groovy script from ReadyAPI remotely using Jenkins?


I imagine one way to do this is to create a 'test' with a groovy script that can perform this action and then assign a special tag and the jenkins job could run Test Runner with the tag.


I'll keep researching in the meantime, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!




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