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5 years ago

API Masterminds – Week 2 is Almost Over!

The API Masterminds event is slowly approaching its middle - week 2 is almost over! A lot of value has been added to the ReadyAPI Community over the course of the event. Thank you everyone!


With nmrao leading the race with a pretty big advantage, we have 3 more people who are currently fighting for the pedestal: HimanshuTayal , hazel_chua and anand1. Keep the activity up, Masterminds!

arunbharath , PratikshaMehete , richie , @thePantz,  @Vallalarasu_P , @ArthurM , @senthkum your activity also gives you awesome chances to win this week! Contribute to any topics in the ReadyAPI Community. Especially to the following one where we are gathering suggestions on how to stay focused when testing:


API Masterminds Talks – How to stay focused while testing?

We are waiting for your advice!

The week 2 final results will be up on Monday 16.

Keep posting everyone!

Let’s rock!