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7 years ago

API Bloom - Week 2 Winners | Task for Week 3

Hello Community,


I want to announce the Week 2 winners of our exciting API Bloom challenge.



Our current winners have repeated the success of Week 1. So, again, meet the lucky guys:

1st place: nmrao - $50 gift card

2nd place: Debz - $35 gift card

3rd place: groovyguy - $15 gift card


Congratulations, guys. Keep it up! Expect to get an email from us with the gift cards very soon.


Is there anyone who will break this trio this week? :)



The task for this week is the same as for the previous two weeks – you need to post the biggest number of replies to any questions posted to the Ready! API forums:


We will decide the winners next Monday, May 22.



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    Thanks Tanya :smileyhappy: The trio might be broken this week though LOL. I am seeing more users being active to answer queries this week. I think it's really nice to see others providing solutions since I also had a post which no one replied for several weeks and at the end of the day, we all want solutions to pitfalls or problems we encounter at the soonest possible time. We all have deadlines. I'll also be busy trying to figure out JDBC step because I have an incoming project which I think definitely requires DB checking. Thank you #SmartBear for the free webinars to this. I just gave it a try to hopefully get some start for getting the trainings :smileywink: