API Bloom: May 1st - Sept 1st



Hello API Team,


We are inviting you to join the first prize winning event in the history of our Community – API Bloom.


During the next 4 months, everyone who wants to compete with others and earn money is welcome in our Ready! API community. It’s gonna be fun!


Any community member can become a winner. We will announce winners and send them gift cards every week. So, stay tuned.


JOIN API BLOOM: https://community.smartbear.com/Ready_API


API Bloom Rules

  • The program duration period – May 1st – Sept 1st
  • To participate in the program, you must have a SmartBear Community account
  • The program takes place in the Ready! API Community: https://community.smartbear.com/Ready_API
  • Any member of the Community can become a winner except for the SmartBear employees
  • The program includes a raffle drawing for tickets to the first user conference - SmartBear Connect
  • Winners are decided in one nomination active at that moment
  • There will be three nominations during the program duration
  • Each nomination is set up for 6 weeks according to the following plan:



Metrics the organizer tracks

May 1st-June 11th ( 6 weeks)

Top Active Community Member. The one who will give the biggest number of replies during a week.

# replies from one member per a week

June 12th – July 23rd (6 weeks)

Top Kudoed Community Member. The one who will get the biggest number of Kudos from other community members during a week.

# kudos a community members received from other community members per a week

July 24th – Sept 1st (6 weeks)

Top Valuable Community Member. The one who will give the biggest number of Accepted as Solution replies.

# solutions given by a community member


  • Winners will be decided on a weekly basis: every Monday, winners for the previous week will be announced
  • Every week, three winners will be decided in the current nomination
  • All the winners get rewards:

1st place

$50 gift card

2nd place

$35 gift card

3rd place

$15 gift card


  • The period within which participant activity is registered

Monday 12AM UTC – Sunday 12 PM UTC






Week 1

1st place: @nmrao

2nd place: @Debz

3rd place: @msiadak 



1st place: @nmrao

2nd place: @Debz

3rd place: @msiadak 


Week 3

1st place: @nmrao 

2nd place: @msiadak 

3rd place: @Debz


Week 4

1st place: @msiadak 

2nd place: @nmrao 

3rd place: @richie


Week 5

1st place: @msiadak 

2nd place: @nmrao 

3rd place: @Emil91


Week 6

1st place: @msiadak and @nmrao

2nd place: @Emil91  

3rd place: @PramodYadav


Week 7

1st place: @nmrao

2nd place: @msiadak

3rd place: @jkrier 


Week 8

1st place: @msiadak

2nd place: @nmrao

3rd place: @Debz


Week 9

1st place: @nmrao

2nd place: @sanj

3rd place: @msiadak and @mbheeke


Week 10

1st place: @msiadak

2nd place / 3rd place: @Radford and @mbheeke


Week 11

1st place: @msiadak

2nd place: @sanj

3rd place: @kmaster


Week 12

1st place: @msiadak- $50 gift card

2nd place / 3rd place: @sanj and @kbw - $35 gift card to each


Week 13

1st place: @msiadak and @nmrao - $50 gift card/each


Week 14

1st place: @nmrao- $50 gift card

2nd place: @sanj - $50 gift card

3rd place: @Bill_In_Irvine - $50 gift card


Week 15

1st place: @msiadak- $50 gift card

2nd place: @jkrier and @PaulMS - $35 gift card/each


Week 16

1st place: @msiadak and @nmrao - $50 gift card/each


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