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7 years ago

API Bloom - Week 18 Winners

Hi Community,


I’m happy to announce the winners of the last API Bloom week. Very soon, I’ll publish an interesting video about the entire challenge that took 4 months. And, right now, meet our heroes:




1st place: groovyguy  -  $50 gift card

2nd place: sanj - $35 gift card

3rd place: nmrao - $15 gift card


Big thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge. And, let me congratulate all the winners one more time!



You are probably wondering: 'What's next?'. Well, we have a lot of exciting ideas for future community events. I won’t reveal all the secrets today, so, stay tuned for further announcements to be the first to know.


 Next week, I’ll be happy to meet everyone who will attend our user conference - SmartBear Connect!

I’ve prepared special gifts for all community members – you can grab them at the Community booth ;)


See you very soon.

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