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6 years ago

Announcing TestComplete 14.1 - Accelerate Test Automation, for those who do UI & API Testing!

Hi there,


For those are do both API and UI testing, I am excited to announce the release of TestComplete 14.1, including key features to accelerate your test automation efforts! You can upgrade to TestComplete 14.1 here.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time Test Management, reporting and traceability in collaboration with Zephyr for Jira : TestComplete provides a real-time sync to test management and reporting inside Jira. You can now accurately capture test coverage and identify high-risk areas after each test run without complex scripts or 3rd-party tools. Learn more.

  • Easier and Faster Continuous Testing for the Modern DevOps Ecosystem: Embed TestComplete into any DevOps ecosystem with an enhanced command line interface or an all-new REST API for faster continuous testing. With only one integration point, you can instantly reduce human error and make troubleshooting easier across your entire SDLC.

  • Advanced Test Creation and Automatic Web Audit Reports: Leverage AI-Driven Visual Recognition to validate text on complex applications and test against dynamic IDs or hard-to-find objects. Access comprehensive audit reports for your web application with a built-in checkpoint or single line of code. Learn more.

  • Other features include: Enhancements to BDD and HipTest integration, performance improvements to speed up object recognition by 2-4x, export to JUnit and interactive summary reports, and support for EO.WebBrowser, Java 11, Electron 4 and 5, NUnit3, Qt 5.12 and all latest browsers.

Learn more about all of the new features in TestComplete here: 'What's New' documentation.

Upgrade to TestComplete 14.1

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