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10 years ago

Adding JAR extensions

I'm trying to build in JSON validation in my tests in SoapUI NG. I found json-schema-validator-2.2.6.jar as was described in the SoapUI cookbook. In this book it tells me to copy all of those files...
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    10 years ago

    Ok Problem solved.

    Stupid problem really.

    I was running ReadyAPI 1.1.0

    I then updated to 1.2.2. However the shortcut on my desktop was still pointing to 1.1.0. Hence the java libs was copied into 1.2.2 since it is the one I thought I was using. As a simple test I copied into 1.2.2 folder. Everything worked perfect :-)

    Wil update shortcut now to point to the correct place.


    Thanks for everyones input.