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4 years ago

SmartBear Talks | Meet the ReadyAPI Marketing Lead - Phil Voulgaris


We continue introducing the ReadyAPI Team to all of you. Today, please meet Phil Voulgaris, the SmartBear Product Marketing Lead. We will talk about the Navy and its importance to Phil's position at the moment, what the future of API may hold, and what makes ReadyAPI unique in the market.


Watch the interview:


Phil Voulgaris - SmartBear Product Marketing Lead


Quick links:

00:00​ Introduction

00:50​ Phil's background

02:02​ SmartBear duties

03:20​ Self-Education

04:40​ Day to day work

07:17​ Future of API

08:52 What makes ReadyAPI unique in the market

10:43 Message to the ReadyAPI Community​

11:26​ Thank you


I hope you found this video informative! Feel free to post your questions under this post, in case you have any. You can watch more videos with the ReadyAPI Team on this page.


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