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3 years ago

SmartBear Talks | Meet the ReadyAPI Documentation Team - Alexander Linkov and Dmitry Terentiev

Hi All!

We continue introducing the ReadyAPI Team. This time, we will talk with our technical writers - watch the interview to learn more why guys decided to be technical writers, how the ReadyAPI documentation is created and maintained, and much more.


Watch the interview and leave your comments below:


Alexander Linkov, Dmitry Terentiev - ReadyAPI Technical Writers in SmartBear


Quick links:

00:00​ Introduction

01:24​ Background

02:48 Self-education

04:24​ The best duties

05:28 Documentation creation

07:46 Specifics of ReadyAPI documentation creation

10:00 The most memorable ReadyAPI release

11:20 The best ReadyAPI features

12:18​ Thank you


I hope you found this video informative! Feel free to post your questions under this post, in case you have any. You can watch more videos with the ReadyAPI Team on this page.

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