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12 years ago

Running email on QAComplete - email never reaches participants

I'm at a loss.

I've sent emails to myself and other about test sets and reports.

But none of them reach us.

I've checked SPAM and fileters on MS Outlook. From what I see,

I should get all emails.

Next I spent some time going through Setup.

I do have all my email alerts disabled but those are alerts.

Would that affect my ability to just send an email?

Also could not find any "Setup your email" section.


Any suggestions?



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    Hi Stephanie, 

    Emails are working fine for my team. We don't use the EMail alerts function.

    First off, I'm going to assume you're using the On-Premise version of the product, and not the Cloud-hosted solution.

    You didn't specify what you mean by 'Setup'. The config is not available in the Web UI: Email setup is performed on the 'SoftwarePlanner registry configurational tool', which should be in the Start menu of your server. Have a look at the STMP tab.

    You'll need the STMP Virtual Server running, which is documented in the installation guide...