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11 years ago

How do I find all test cases that are not included in any test sets?

How do I make a list of all test cases in the Test Library that are not included in any Test Sets?

We are using QAComplete version 9.8.0

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  • Hello Allan,

    You have the ability of exporting an file for with in the system or running a Report. Please learn more here at the Userguide link Tittled About Test Cases:|Tests|Testing|tested||cases|case

    -If you are still experiencing this issue, we would love to help. Please submit a ticket using the Help Center link in QAC. 


    Ben Jean-louis

    SmartBear Technical


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  • I am aware of the different reporting facilities, but I have not been able find a report that gives me a list of tests in the Test Library that are not yet included in any Test Sets.

    The sugested link do not help me either as it only relates to an ealier version of QAComplete. We are using QAC version 9.8.0 build 9.8.37.

    Any other ideas?
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    We had the same problem where I work.  I was not able to find any report supplied by the vendor that gave us this information.  We did create a dashboard chart with an underlying report that showed this information.  We have stopped relying on test sets, in part because of this type of problem.
  • I do not like this answer but here is what i have been doing.

    I have included a custom field called "In Test Set?".

    It is set when I include a test into a test set.

    Like I said, I do not like this but it is a temporary work around.

    I would like a report that shows all the test sets that each of the test cases are in.

  • Although I could not get a What Tests are which Test Sets, I did create a report that says, For the given Test Sets, here are the Tests.

    Create a Report from "Ad-hoc Detail" -> "Test Sets Report"

    Use the fields




    Test Name

    Run the report against your project or filter.

    This now shows you your test sets (TS in pics) and the tests accociated with each test.

    Put that into an Excel Spreadsheet and sort by Tests.

    You can also create another report showing all your tests from "Test Report Library".

    Then you can combine both outputs and see what tests are not in a Test set.