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8 years ago

Are we able to change the test case status to 'Active' when all bugs linked to it are closed?

Currently, the status of a failed test cases changes to 'Passed' once all defects/bugs are resolved and their status is 'closed'.  Team members prefer to have the status be something else.  Is there a way to change that per project or system wide?

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    Hi Melissa,


    There are two fields in QAC which shows a status: Status and Last Run Status.


    I think you need to use the Status field. The type of this field is a Choice List and you can modify list values as you need (Test Management | Test Library | Actions | Manage Choice Lists). Please see my sample video:


    The Last Run Status fields shows the status of the last run. Currently, it can be only Passed, Failed, Skipped and Blocked. We have a feature request in the backlog to allow customized and tester controlled test results.



    Customer Care Team