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5 years ago

Playback - unable to locate button

I've been able to record a script (single page app - webstore) but during checkout, the script is not able to identify a button used in the checkout flow (Click Event).  I've tried the various Object Identification options but still cannot successfully play back my script to completion.


Any suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi jocelynayson,

    Could you please share a bit more information about the issue? Which parameters do you use in the checkpoint? Several images would clarify the situation.

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      Sorry, I wasn't very descriptive.

      The script I recorded steps through a checkout flow.

      It's a single page application and the entire checkout flow takes place in a single page but in different sections.

      I can get through entering the delivery information and selecting a shipping option, but at this point the script cannot locate the "Next" button and gets stuck, never completing checkout.


      I've tried the various options for Object Identification but still unable to run the script to completion.

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        Hi there, 


        We're sorry you're facing this issue. Can you please send the following info to to take a look -

        • If the app is publicly available or not?
        • The name of the project and test script


        We'll check on our side and get back to you. 

        We appreciate your patience and cooperation on this matter.