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Q & A from SmartBear Academy LoadComplete 101

Hello LoadComlpete Community, thank you to all the LoadComplete customers that attended the class this week.


We wanted to share a list of the questions and the answers that were asked during the live event.  Hope some of you out there with the same questions will be happy to now understand your inquiry!


Q.Can we integrate and reuse the existing TestComplete scripts with LoadComplete ??

A. You can convert TestComplete’ s functional tests into load tests with one simple click and assign virtual users to ensure predictable performance at different stress levels. 


Q: From the demo video you recorded opening a couple different links. I assume that you could have recorded separate scenarios each opening a single link and them link them together in a test. Would there be a way to randomize the order of a subset of scenarios in a test so that when running a multi user test all users are not doing the exact same thing in the exact same order. Basically is there a way to simulate multiple users performing the same core actions but in different orders, thus simulating a more "real world" scenario.

A. Yes Something like this could be put together.


Q.What if the authentication is external and not part of a post - NTLM or Ping or something

A. We can authenticate in other ways such as NTLM


Q. Id’s were mentioned, In some frontend web frameworks the past, I have seen ID’s change with ever new build that is created, how are these Id’s dealt with?

A. Normally, that would be automatic. If a build RADICALLY changes the scheme used for creating ID’s then it may require a re-record of the scenario.


Q,Would it be better if I will record a particular scenario several times and select one of them as the most usual? I've noticed that LC places the same requests on different pages sometimes. Thank you.

A. That should not be happening. You might need to wait longer between actions when recording to ensure that a page has fully loaded.


Q. What if you have a site that requires you to login?

A. We can do that. And we can use different credentials for each virtual user if desired/needed.


Q.What are majors input parameters needed for load testing

A. Number of virtual Users, Ramp, Duration, Scenario Steps, Number of scenarios


Q. What is the optimal machine spec for loadcomplete to run so the test is not impeded by the test tool but really from the application under test

A. the minimum specification is listed in the release notes


Q. Should the cache mode be always selected as private??

A. In my opinion, yes. The only time it would not be is if you wanted to specifically see the results of every customer being a previous customer.


Q. I am interested in load testing a Client Server application. When running this from my machine as I ramp up the number of virtual user what does that do to my network / cpu / memory usage on my box. does that in any way affect my results. 

A. LoadComplete is not meant to be used to test Client Server applications – though, it may be able to test some of them – it depends on the architecture. Running LoadComplete on the same machine as the tested application will negatively affect test results.


Q.How much control is there over where virtual users are located? Can we test from different geographies?

A. And from different combinations of geographies as well.


Q. To clarify - I only want to log in once then iterate over a transaction - so extract the login from every iteration - Login once do action many times

A. LoadComplete supports this.


If you have any other questions please continue the thread here and we look forward to seeing you in our future classes!

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