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9 years ago

File Upload Recorded Scenario - never verifies

We have have a website that you can drap and drop files on to , it's heavily based on Javascript and SignalR.


But the basic function is to upload files, I simply cannot get that to work in the latest version of LoadComplete.


I record logging in, browse for a file, wait until it is uploaded and then stop the recording.


When I try to verify the recording it never completes, somestimes I wait 20 minutes.


I must be doing something wrong but cannot work out what that could be? 

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  • Hi chrismcg,


    How long did the file upload take when you did the recording, and what was the file size?


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      The file size is less than 100kb, it looks less than 60 seconds to upload.

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        Hi Chris,


        Thanks for the info. This is definitely unexpected behavior. My guess is that it's related to connection timings, or that LoadComplete doesn't receive or doesn't correctly process the server response after the file upload. Unfortunately, I can't help you here. I suggest you open a support ticket to troubleshoot further. If you do so, would you please keep us updated as to the eventual resolution of this issue? Thanks!