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6 years ago


Hello, I am a complete and utter noob at scripting but their is a program I really want to make for personal use that I dont even know is possible. I just want to know if I can accomplish this before I start learning how to code it. 


So I am a CONSOLE gamer and I play Call Of Duty on Xbox. Oddly, I spend a lot of time practicing against bots and have a lot of fun doing so. Since CoD does not support offline stats and private match games dont count toward stats. I want to find a way to make a program that could track stats from these matches without needing to manually input them. Now I imagine this would be easy if I played on PC as I could just run a 3rd party program whilst playing the game but since I cannot run programs from my PC on an xbox one, this instantly seems impossible. I did however have an idea that might work. So those programs on phones like ones that allow you to take an image of your credit card so you dont have to type the information, They automatically highlight the parts of the card that seem like it contains the required information. For example, It will put a box around the credit card number and highlight the numbers as soon as it determines that in may be the credit card number. 


Here is my idea, Can I make a program that is coded to detect certain texts on my desktop so I can stream my game from my xbox onto the pc and it can detect when somewhere on the screen it says I got a kill. When you get a kill in call of duty, text appears in the bottom left saying your name then the person you eliminated. (ex. Crusty Grape>BUMBUM) So my idea is making a program able to see that text and know to add a kill or a death to a counter. The program would need to run in the background and I realise that it may not be perfectly accurate. I would need to code it so it knows that if crustygrape appears before another name then to add a kill and if crustygrape appears after another name then to add a death. It would then add the kills and death to the total amount a kills and deaths that I have from multiple matches while saving the information just as you would a document for further use. Remember this program would simply find the required text on the desktop somewhere but would be doing it by looks only. Its essentially going to be watching live footage if my gameplay and when the text appears in the footage, it would trigger. 


I don't know if this community is the right place for this but all I need is for someone who has a lot of experience or someone who knows a lot about coding for programs to confirm that this is possible. Being a complete amature at coding, I dont know where to start so before I teach myself in this feild, I want to make sure I could someday actually make this program. Thank You.


***(For those who read this and are also gamers, remember that this program will only be on my PC and finding text when straming from my xbox onto a live feed. This in NO WAY is meant to be able to connect to the console or any sort of server. This is something that should work on its own and not require any input from a console other the a video feed. I want to make it very clear that this program should remain idependant and not interfere with gameplay and CERTAINLY not be able to read,edit, or write any game files or local pc files. This is NOT a cheat and Its only use is for tracking stats against bots.)***