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5 years ago

Push result status on CucumberStudio

Hi folks!


Some CucumberStudio users execute the hiptest-publisher command line to push the generated test results file(s) to CucumberStudio test run and it doesn’t work, so no tests are imported in CucumberStudio and the statuses are not updated.  


In general, the problem is caused by the missing of UIDs in the test results of the file(s). 


Let’s summarize together the handling!


From your test run, click on "Automate" option:


In the open modal, you'll see there are 3 suggested command lines. The first one allows the hiptest-publisher installation through Ruby on your machine or CI/CD, the second one is to update your tests and fetch UIDs, and the last one is dedicated to push the test results file(s) after selecting the right report format. 


Let’s push the test results file(s) to CucumberStudio by following the steps: 


1. Update your tests and fetch UIDs, extract only your features without overridden the Actionwords file, via this command line: 



hiptest-publisher --config-file <path to your config file> --test-run-id <your test run ID> --without=actionwords 



 The UIDs allow our system to match the existing tests in the report file(s) and those in your CucumberStudio test run. 
2. Run the tests to generate your report file and automatically transpose the UIDs in your report files. 


3. After selecting your report format, execute the last command line to push your test results file, with: 



hiptest-publisher --config-file <path to your config file> --push <path to your results file> --test-run-id <your test run ID>  --push-format cucumber-json




Here are some resources about automation in CucumberStudio: 

Hope this helps!

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