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4 years ago

Gherkin Keywords translation

I'm evaluating the CucumberStudio tool. One of the prerequisites is that the gherkin keywords are in Portuguese. Is there any way to do this translation in CucumberStudio?

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  • Hi 👋


    In fact, CucumberStudio provides two project types:


    - Test Management: it does not yet support multi-languages for Gherkin Keywords, only English is supported at this time. However, you can write your tests steps in Portuguese, the steps editor supports all Latin languages:



    - BDD with Cucumber: in this project style, you should connect to a Git Cloud repository before being able to create and/or update your feature files.

    As you can see in this example, a new feature was created using Portuguese Gherkin keywords:


    And here is the result after saving and pushing the changes to the related Git repository:


    Could this fit your need?