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5 years ago

empty value translated as "null"


I am having the following issue :

1/ I call WS1 and gets param1 value in the response

2/ I call WS2 which uses as input the value of param1 

The issue is that when param1 is empty, it is actually set as "null" in the input of WS2 (this input is not a mandatory parameter)

This actually gives a weird error message a bit later with a failed assertion :

Expected value; [null]; Actual value [null]


How can I fix this ?



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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      Hi _Oliver_,


      Have you found a way to solve the issue? If you have not, could you please send a screenshot as Himanshu requested?

      We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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         Hi all,


        Sorry for the late answer, was away for a few days. Here is a screenshot, but I am afraid it won't tell you more than what I wrote...