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4 years ago

Unable to add files for review using P4 plugin

I've recently set up my mac for code reviewing using p4v for file syncing/ changelists and ccollab for the review platform. Versions are: MacOS - 10.15.7 Perforce - P4V/MACOSX1015X86_64/2020.1/1966...
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    4 years ago

    Hello Elbrowz,


    This issue usually occurs in the system where the Perforce command-line client (p4) is not added to the environment path. Try to follow the steps below:

    1. In the P4v client, select "Tools | Manage custom Tools | SmartBear - Add to Review" and click "Edit".
    2. In the "Arguments" field, add the "--p4 your_current_path_to_p4" option after "--scm perforce".
    Note: Don't change any other options.
    3. Click "OK", restart the P4v client, and try to reproduce the issue.


    If the issue still persists after following the steps above, ensure that the path to the "ccollabgui" file in the "Application" field of the "Edit Custom Tool" menu is correct, too.