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2 years ago

Unable to add checklist via Java API

Hello,  I have issues with creating an API request to add / remove checklist from review. Have tried using same from documentation but I get NullPointerException Thank you for support     [ ...
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    2 years ago

    Looking at your JSON, the only things you are missing are the " " around the reviewId and your second parameter should be "checklistId".


    Here's an exmaple of the code snippet I ran on my local server to add checklist #2 to my review #449:


    [{"command" : "SessionService.authenticate",
       "args" : {
          "login" : "xxxxxxx",
          "ticket" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    {"command" : "ReviewService.addChecklist",
       "args" : {
          "reviewId" : "449",
          "checklistId" : "2"



    My review before executing this command shows checklistId #1 (Development Checklist) available on the review.


    Executing the JSON detailed above adds the second checklist (#2 - Cross Team Communication) to that same review:


    Please note that the checklists you want to add through the JSON API must be available to the template in use on that particular review.