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13 years ago

Submit newly added files to the review (Mercurial)

Hello, I'm using Code Collaborator client 6.1 with Mercurial and I have a problem submitting newly added files for Mercurial SCM.

There are basically two options:

  1. I can press "Add Changes" and I'll see all modified files, but I won't see newly added files. So to submit them as well I need to check "Show Unchanged Files" and select them manually.

  2. I can hit "Add Mercurial Diffs" and I will be given an option to add any extra command line arguments to the "hg diff" command. If I choose not to add anything I'll end up having all modified file in my code review, but not the newly added files.

Do you know if there's a way to automatically detect newly added files and show them as well when creating a code review?

Thanks in advance.

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  • I am using TortoiseSVN and I also would be very glad to know about a more convenient way to add unversioned files to a review in a pre-commit scenario.