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14 years ago

Request: a way to "bookmark" a version that I've looked at without Accepting

Our reviews usually include quite a number of new uploads of pending or submitted changelists, and I will often review them a number of times as new files are uploaded.  Most of the time there have been multiple uploads since the last time I looked, so looking at individual changelists is too time-consuming (so my default is first-to-last which works well much of the time).

Unfortunately, if I've already looked at this file and now after multiple uploads I'm looking at it again, I can't tell which is the last version I looked at for the "Compare" drop-down.  I don't want to re-review changes I've already seen.

I know that if I click **Accepted** then in the "Compare" drop-down a small green check-box appears, but I use Accept to mean "ship it!" and I don't want to click there without really having approved all the changes.

I'd like another button in Overall that means "new baseline" or something like that so I know my next look will only be changes I haven't seen yet.

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  • This would be a very useful feature for us here at Boeing as well.  For example, the use case where this would be useful for us is a huge glob of new code being developed in multiple sprints.  Say there's an overriding design problem that's too global to be tracked as an individual defect on an individual line of code, but is pervasive throughout all the files (a minor example: having a virtual destructor when the class doesn't have any virtual methods and isn't meant to be derived).  This bookmarking feature would allow marking the file as "reviewed", but not "accepted.

    For us, having an additional button next to "Accept" like "Reviewed" that places say a yellow checkmark instead of the green checkmark.