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4 years ago

Perforce ensure review completed

     I seem to be having some trouble getting a script to ensure a review was completed to work. I don’t seem to get any kind of status from ccollab.exe.


I used this command:

C:\CollaboratorClient\ccollab.exe --url http://someurl:8080/ --scm Perforce --p4port {Perforceserver} --p4client CollabTrigger --p4user {p4user ID} --p4passwd {password} admin trigger ensure-reviewed 175817


The status always seems to be empty when going through the perforce trigger and I can submit anything. If I try the above command manually I get: ERROR: SCM system communication problem: This trigger must be configured as change-content. Contact your Perforce administrator to perform the change.

I have the Perforce trigger as follows:

p4collab change-content //depot/P4validation/... "perl %//Scripts/ %serverhost% %changelist% %client%"


I’ve tried to find the renumbering script that is linked on this page to see if that is my problem.


Perforce version 2015.1

Collab version 11.4


I'm probably missing something easy so any help is appreciated. 



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    Hi jeff,


    As far as we can see, you've already resolved the obstacle you faced. In general, to troubleshoot trigger-related obstacles of any kind, add the --debug parameter to the ccollab command line and analyze the ccollab.log file generated on the Perforce server machine.