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4 years ago

JSON API Get if comment/defect was accepted

Is there a way from the JSON API to get if a comment or defect was marked as accepted?   Thanks
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    4 years ago

    Hello katieh,


    Unfortunately, the "getDefects" or "getComments" methods of the ReviewService interface don't return any info about the "Accept" status. You can try to use the "ReviewService.getReviewSummary" method instead and parse the information about the conversations. It will return all the information from a given review ID and will also contain the data about the "Accepted" comments and defects:


    Here is an example of the ReviewService.getReviewSummary command:

    [ {"command" : "SessionService.authenticate",
    "command" : "ReviewService.getReviewSummary",
    "args":{"reviewId":"6","clientBuild" : 13301,"active" : true}
    } ]