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3 years ago

Inability to delete an Upload to Review Materials due to comments

I have searched all the documentation and conversations and understand that an upload to the Review Materials can not be deleted if there is a comment or defect in any one of the files, so I have no question about that.  But I do have a comment about that.  That is the most short-sighted and ridiculous rule.  The idea that a responsible Administrator can not correct a Review is extremely frustrating.   

What has happened is in a Review with about 10 changed files, the author in attempting to correct an error in his code erroneously uploaded a branch with hundreds of changed files.  Now we are stuck with this huge set of changes - NOT because someone has commented on this new upload, but because someone had previously commented on one of the files in that upload, which collaborator so conveniently carries over to the new upload. 

Of course we uploaded the correct set of files afterword, BUT have had to put up an overall comment, which we can only HOPE that our Reviewers will see, to tell everyone to ignore uploads before a certain date.  If they don't notice this message then they'll spend hours reviewing incorrect code changes.  So we need to go to an outside method to email everyone to be careful about this review because Collaborator wont allow us to logically control our own review.  

The idea that "Smartbear" doesn't think we are smart enough for an Administrator to surgically edit a Review to correct errors feels like being managed by a helicopter parent.  This along with several other issues like not being able to control the placement of User Defined Fields (making our Review forms haphazard and confusing), an inability to create Reports in our own format, and even the fact that Notes for a file are displayed in a Center Justified column (so that short notes can't be seen at all because they are sitting out in the middle of someone else's 3 sentence notes). That such basic functions are out of our control becomes very annoying. 

Despite the time and effort we have spent converting to and learning Code Collaborator many people are starting to recognize that there are other options out there that might be more flexible.

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