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12 years ago

Gathering Metrics on a weekly/monthly basis


We have just started using CC for the code reviews and it has gone really well. However now I have to produce some metrics to show my superiors that we are A) doing them and B) are reviewing at an acceptable rate.

Although the report generator can give me some info none seem to be able to do it against time easily.

For example, if I wanted to see how many reviews are performed each week I would have to use the ‘Recently Completed Reviews’ report and adjust the date and then run for each week I wanted to analyse. There seems to be no easy way to automate this.

Similarly for review rate, the document proposes that Inspection Rate ( lines of code reviewed ) / ( hours to do the review ) is a useful metric, but I can’t see where the report generator produces this. I can set up a report to show LOC changed and Average Participant Time. But it does not give a total. I have to import it into excel add them up and do the maths myself. And repeat for each time period.

Can you advise on how I get these sort of time-based reports automatically?


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  • Kevin,

    I see you also wrote in to Tech Support and had your question answered, but I wanted to provide that same answer here for our other users.

    We do not have a way of providing automated routine reports in CodeCollaborator. That kind of behavior would require custom reporting and possible scripting.

    Our database schema is documented here:

    The Inspection rates are displayed in the Review Detail Reports, but these are calculated for this report, so I don't believe these are stored in the database.

    "Inspection Rate (Changed)" only counts lines of code that were changed (that is:  added, removed, or modified).  

    "Inspection Rate (Uploaded)" counts all lines of code that were uploaded in the review. 

    In both cases, the lines of code (LOC) are divided by the "man hours" put in by reviewers in the review. i.e. the "Reviewer Time". 
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    Thanks Nancy,

    I have now got MySql access (using Pebble Reports as I am a windows user) and should be able to make my own reports.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to how I measurably demonstrate (eg to my boss) that the team are doing code reviews on a regular basis, then it would be much appreciated.