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4 years ago

Collaborator bitbucket server - endless loop in bitbucket API on pull request

I think there is a bug in Collaborator regarding integration with bitbucket server.


Sometimes there is no review created on pull request. I checked out Collaborator logs and it seems that collaboratior is in endless loop of calling bitbuckets rest API methods.


In bitbucket you can have data splited in pages


        "size": 3,
        "limit": 3,
        "isLastPage": false,
        "values": [
            { /* result 0 */ },
            { /* result 1 */ },
            { /* result 2 */ }
        "start": 0,
        "filter": null,
        "nextPageStart": 3


Important are fields: start, size, nextPageStart and isLastPage.


Bitbucket on last page is returning


        "size": 3,
        "start": 0,
        "nextPageStart": null


and i think Collborator is taking that nextPageStart null value as 0 and begins calling pages all over again in endless loop.


Bitbucket server version tested is 6.10

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    Collaborator introduced a lot of fixes and improvements for its Bitbucket integration. Please notify us if you still face any obstacles in the latest Collaborator versions.